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Health and Wellness
Maca More Love

Superfood maca powder can rev up your libido. By Jenny Hoff If you’re looking to stay natural and boost your libido during this season of love,…

Meet Your Doctor
Shelly Sethi, DO

Dr. Shelly Sethi Personalized Medicine Dr. Shelly Sethi creates real solutions for her patients who want to improve their energy, lower their stress, perform at their…

Health and Wellness
Sweat Equity

Their workout regimens may differ, but the same strong, intentional current courses through the veins of these six gym owners, a current of unwavering commitment to…

Health and Wellness
Post-workout Pitfalls

Motivate yourself to avoid these nine tempting fitness-crushing habits.  By Rebecca L. Bennett So, you’ve mustered up the willpower to hit the gym and conquer a…

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