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Ask An Expert Dr. Erin
Ask An Expert: Austin Breast Imaging

Dr. Erin Winston is an expert in all matters of breast health. She provides full-spectrum breast care from technology-based breast cancer imaging and its life-endorsing abilities to the emotional aspects of breast pain and its physical release.

Health and Wellness
Sweat Equity

Their workout regimens may differ, but the same strong, intentional current courses through the veins of these six gym owners, a current of unwavering commitment to…

Health and Wellness
Post-workout Pitfalls

Motivate yourself to avoid these nine tempting fitness-crushing habits.  By Rebecca L. Bennett So, you’ve mustered up the willpower to hit the gym and conquer a…

Health and Wellness
Down to The Bone

Here’s how to know whether you may get osteoporosis. By Lauryn Lax Osteoporosis is not just an “old-lady disease.” While osteoporosis is a disease most often…

Health and Wellness
Not Tonight, Dear

Testosterone-hormone-replacement therapy may reignite your sexual desire. By Jill Case Dr. Saima Jehangir says that three hormones are critical to a woman’s sexual desire: estrogen,…

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