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Shelly Sethi, DO

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Dr. Shelly Sethi Personalized Medicine

Dr. Shelly Sethi creates real solutions for her patients who want to improve their energy, lower their stress, perform at their best and optimize their life. A board-certified family- medicine physician, speaker, author and mentor, Sethi provides step-by-step clarity about what to do with your health, fitness, nutrition, sleep and stress management.

Sethi was inspired to create her innovative practice as a result of her father’s illness, during which she witnessed how conventional care failed to address nutrition and lifestyle treatments essential to his recovery and wellness. She recognized his illness could have been prevented with a holistic approach to address inflammation, stress, poor nutrition and underlying—and often overlooked—root causes.

In addition to Sethi’s training as an osteopathic doctor at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, she trained with the world’s leading experts in integrative and functional medicine, including Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Tieraona Low Dog and Dr. Jeffrey Bland, and earned her fellowship in integrative medicine at the University of Arizona, as well as a board certification of integrative medicine with the American Board of Physician Specialties. Sethi’s interest in lifestyle medicine also led her to additional training in botanical and culinary medicine at the Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine at Tulane University.

In Sethi’s book, Built to Thrive, she outlines her nine pillars of health that will help you support your body’s healing capacity naturally. You will reset your metabolism, hormones, mind and mood, and achieve long-lasting health and vitality. As a speaker and author, she is passionate about offering tools to optimize wellness and longevity. To read her book, visit her website and download a free copy or purchase a hard copy on Amazon. Sethi enjoys practicing yoga and meditation, cooking and hiking with her husband and kids, and singing karaoke with friends. Follow Sethi on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @drshellysethi.

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