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Ask an Expert: The Science of Vaginal Rejuvenation

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Dr. Jessica Wright shares everything you need to know about vaginal rejuvenation.

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Dr. Jessica Wright, a former trauma surgeon who’s board-certified in general surgery, founded Rejuvenate Austin in 2013. Wright prides herself and her team on initiating the conversation about sexual wellness, addressing topics such as urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction and hormonal imbalances. Building a staff of experts, Rejuvenate Austin specializes in CoolSculpting, Kybella, Botox, Ultherapy, laser skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, dermal fillers, intense pulsed light photofacials, body sculpting and vaginal rejuvenation. Nominated as Austin’s best med spa, Rejuvenate Austin restores confidence by empowering men and women through its cutting-edge solutions in and out of the spa.

Dr. Jessica Wright

What does a consultation with Dr. Jessica Wright look like?

I like to spend significant time with each patient during their initial consultation. This conversation is crucial when moving forward with a patient because it allows me to create a comprehensive treatment plan providing optimal results. All my clients leave with an aesthetic care plan that includes pricing, scheduling and before/after treatment guidelines.

Can I get injectables and still look natural?

Yes! Injectables all depend on correct placement, product and dose, which make a significant difference in one’s results. While I do recommend injectables for specific clients, I like to educate my patients about ways to achieve their goals without Botox and filler. This can be done through laser resurfacing or “vampire facials,” using microneedling, which deposits your own platelet-rich plasma back into your skin, enhancing collagen regrowth and making the skin look both younger and healthier.

What noninvasive services do you offer?

Our most popular noninvasive services are CoolSculpting and TruSculpt ID. CoolSculpting is a quick and effective way to eliminate stubborn fat pockets around your body by freezing the fat cells, after which your body naturally disposes of them. TruSculpt ID is a similar process using radio frequency to heat the fat cells to the point of dissolution. Both these procedures are pain-free and require no downtime. If you can pinch it, we can CoolSculpt and TrueSculpt ID it!

What are my options for vaginal rejuvenation?

Rejuvenate offers a few options for women: O-Shot and Juliet laser. The O-Shot is a nonsurgical procedure that can revitalize vaginal and clitoral function, increasing lubrication and decreasing urinary incontinence. The Juliet Laser can increase post-childbirth vaginal tone and flexibility, improve moisture level, as well as offer cosmetic enhancement. The treatment uses a Laser that stimulates the production of collagen and, as a result, thickens the vaginal walls, reversing dryness and discomfort without the use of hormone therapy.

What does the recovery process look like post-vaginal rejuvenation?

For the O-Shot, there is no downtime. After a treatment such as the Juliet Laser, recovery is three short days of pelvic rest for optimal comfort. I recommend coming back for a yearly procedure after your initial treatment series to maintain the benefits of the Juliet Laser.

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