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Robin Bethell

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When gingivitis and plaque come a-knocking, this doctor keeps the dental chair rocking. Prepare to be orally fixated with Dr. Robin Bethell, DDS, a newbie to Austin who recently opened the doors to his practice, Family Forest Dentistry. Bethell grew up near Yosemite National Park and from a young age wanted to combine his love of the outdoors, biology and family. When he graduated with a doctorate in dental surgery at only 23 years old, he began the search for his dental domain.

“I want to be the anti-corporate dentist,” he explains. “I want to educate the community, do community outreach and get plugged in by being involved with sports teams and shows.”

Now age 30, with field experience under his scrubs, Bethell is able to house all his passions under one roof: Family Forest Dentistry combines quality dental care for families and individuals of all ages with sustainable practices. From minimization of waste and reclaimed wood utilized throughout the office, to high ceilings with natural light filtering in, every room has a unique feel and purpose. The “Deer Room” features a flatscreen TV suspended on the ceiling, so clients can watch Netflix. The “Fox Room” features a window seat for the entire family to sit on.

Outside, a Japanese-style garden boasts a pond full of goldfish and one giant koi. It’s relaxing and far from the usual claustrophobic dental offices we’ve grown accustomed to. To top it all off, the waiting area has cartoons of forest animals that Bethell hand drew. Did I mention he’s writing and illustrating a children’s book? Commence swooning now.

When he’s not conducting oral surgery or whitening teeth, Bethell enjoys Austin’s live music scene, innovative food and playing on water polo and soccer teams. With teeth so straight they’d make your grandma’s dentures jealous, Bethell is delightfully darling—and dare I say it?—passing up McDreamy on the list of top hot docs. And although receiving dental work is far from glamorous, the next time you need a little maintenance, I doubt you’ll have an issue opening wide for Dr. Bethell to take a look inside.

Forest Family Dentistry, 2700 W. Anderson Lane, Ste. 418, 512.865.4140.


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