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Meet Your Doctor: Dr. Esther Yaniv

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Meet Esther Yaniv with Austin Spine Health.

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Dr. Esther Yaniv is a board-certified physical-medicine physician. Her practice is currently located in West Lake Hills, Texas. As a nonsurgical spine specialist, Yaniv focuses on the spine, neck and lower back. She believes in a comprehensive approach to treatment, which may include physical therapy and pain management, as well as lifestyle modification and weight management. As a certified yoga instructor, Yaniv understands overcoming physical problems is not just about the body, but also about the mind. Many things can contribute to how each of us experiences pain. Yaniv has practiced medicine in Austin for more than 12 years. She believes the best outcomes happen when patients take an active role in their recovery as part of a collaborative doctor-patient relationship. When she is not working with patients or teaching yoga, Yaniv enjoys spending time with her husband and family. Her passions include fitness and travel.

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