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How to Age Gracefully

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What is Seeker Professional Aesthetics?

SEEKER Professional Aesthetics (S.P.A.) is a brand new state of the art medical and aesthetics service located within the Austin Area OB-GYN & Fertility main practice group located at Women’s Center of Texas at St. David’s Medical Center 12200 Renfert Way, Suite 100.

What is Medical Aesthetics?

Our intention and commitment is to bring exciting novelty to the field of medicine and aesthetics through SEEKER Professional Aesthetics (S.P.A.). As a team, Dr. Seeker and Casey Friesenhahn oversee all aspects of S.P.A. services so that it adheres to the same rigorous standards that has made Austin Area OB-GYN & Fertility Austin’s most trusted and recognized medical services group treating and caring for women at all life stages since 1960.

Why not go to the dermatologist for these services?

Medical aesthetics is more than skin-deep. We have taken care of women through some of the most intimate and important life milestones. We know our patients from a 360 perspective, as we have provided their well care, OB/GYN, fertility and pre- and post-menopausal care. Our patients trust us. Who better to integrate their medical care with their aesthetics goals in a comprehensive way?

What does Austin Area OB-GYN & Fertility have to do with S.P.A.?

S.P.A. is a natural extension of our core practice group mission: patient advocacy and innovation. We’ve had many patients over the years asking for alternative treatments for optimal health and well-being and they look to us as their trusted overall health advocate. So it just made sense to us to enhance the services we offer and create S.P.A. as an extension of our core practice.

Will S.P.A. offer services that you can’t find elsewhere?

We didn’t take on this effort lightly. We did a lot of research so we could provide our patients with the best that’s out there. We invested in state-of-the-art technology and training to provide personalized care in the areas of laser treatments, photo facials, chemical peels, injectables, and laser hair removal. We also offer the MonaLisa® Touch laser therapy for vaginal health and Sculpsure®, a revolutionary non-invasive body contouring treatment. The best part is you are able to come see us and have personalized care from a trusted physician and nurse practitioner that have an approach of total well-being, care and compassion for all patients.

What is the definition of “aging gracefully?”

We don’t think that aging, as we have typically thought about it, has to be this inevitable decline. With proper well care, hormone regulation for pre- and post-menopausal patients and modern medical aesthetics available to us, our patients can choose what aging gracefully looks and feels like for them. With S.P.A., we have the opportunity within our medical practice group to service our patients in a one-to-one customized environment to meet all of their aesthetic needs under the supervision of one of the top-rated physician teams in Central Texas.

How long has seeker professional aesthetics been in the works?

After researching the latest technologies and treatments for our patients, Casey became certified to perform the MonaLisa® procedure, laser hair removal, scar and leg-vein reduction, photo facials and non-ablative laser therapy. As more patients turned to her for in-office treatments, we decided to expand the service offerings in a more comprehensive way by investing in the latest laser equipment and opening up a separate S.P.A. service maintained within the larger practice group of Austin Area OB-GYN & Fertility. The vision for S.P.A. is a premium, one-stop shop for women’s health, beauty and wellness.


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