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At-Home Testing And Custom Vitamin Packs

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Pam Machemehl Helmly, Wellnicity

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What should you know before taking vitamins?

Quality matters, so be diligent reading your labels. Many gummy multivitamins contain more sugars or cornstarch than active ingredients. Also, appropriate dosage is key. For example, not rotating probiotics can throw good bacteria in the GI tract out of balance, decreasing your ability to break down foods and fight off illnesses.

Why should you personalize your vitamin routine? I’ve always believed in numbers because they don’t lie. We start with testing to determine specific imbalances. Targeted dosing combined with lifestyle recommendations and clinical consultations ensure you aren’t just taking vitamins, but taking the right ones at the right dose.

How is Wellnicity changing the way we take vitamins?

First, we offer professional-grade vitamins that meet or exceed strict current good manufacturing processes and National Science Foundation quality standards manufactured in Food and Drug Administration-registered facilities. Second, we test each batch of vitamins to ensure they meet label claims. Third, they are customized for you in a once-monthly delivery that continues to be adjusted with your improved health.

How does Wellnicity’s process work?

Start with our health quiz to select which test kit will help you address your unique health goals or concerns. Perform the at-home test and use the prepaid shipping box to send your sample to an independent lab. When your results are ready, you’ll receive your personalized wellness report and vitamin regimen available for order. After three months, we recommend you retest so we can update your protocols as needed.

What kinds of at-home health tests do you offer?

The most influential is our Brain Balance test. This urine test helps us to determine brain-chemistry imbalances associated with issues like weight management, mood, sleep disturbances, focus and anxiety. We also have tests geared toward gut and digestion, food sensitivity, testosterone, metabolism, sleep and mood, stress, focus, thyroid and more.

Wellnicity was founded in Austin by Pam Machemehl Helmly with the hope of making personalized wellness simple, convenient and accessible to everyone. Wellnicity provides free access to clinicians, at-home health tests backed by science and customized, professional-grade vitamin regimens in daily packs delivered right to your doorstep, making it easy to get the best solutions for your unique body. That means no more one-size-fits-all promises and no more guesswork about what supplements and dosages work for you. It’s a simple, proven and personalized approach to help people live and feel their best. Visit to learn more.


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